Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show Episode 9: Jonathan O’Duffy from Temper Tantrum and AR Story Time

Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show – Jonathan O’Duffy from Temper Tantrum and AR Story Time

Jonathan O’Duffy from Temper Tantrum and AR Story Time joins us on The Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show – interviewing Tasmanian Entrepreneurs, start ups and businesses doing big things right here in the small island state of Tasmania.

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The Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show – The sky’s the limit!

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show! Joining us is Jonathan O’Duffy of Temper Tantrum and AR Story Time.

Go and grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for a long show this week, Jonathan is very passionate about his field of work and has plenty to say! A specialist in the fields of Augmented and Virtual Reality, join Jonathan as he tells a lot of the history of AR and VR and some of the amazing things that have been achieved in this field and how it is changing the world, and how he is making his own advances in these fields.



Three Great Resources

1. Jim Rohn

2. Unity3DPlayMaker and Blender

3. Leonardo Da Vinci

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The Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show – The sky’s the limit!