Nigel Honey
Nigel HoneyPodcast Host
As the host of the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show, Nigel loves to speak with people who are shaking things up in Tasmania, and proving that you don’t need to be in the big city to be a big success.

Who is Nigel Honey?

Born and raised in Hobart, Nigel has worked in the electronic media and production fields since 1992, having started in community radio and soon after moving in to commercial FM radio. He has always had a side hustle – selling aftermarket performance parts for cars, photography, and a unique VW Kombi based Photo Booth business.

In 2015 he left full time employment and decided it was time to become a full time entrepreneur, and founded his digital media creation business Big Screen Small Screen. In June and July of 2016 he started production of the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show, and moved operations of Big Screen Small Screen from the back of his lounge room, into the Elizabeth Street studio.

  • Podcast Producer
  • Video Producer
  • Photographer
After many years in radio, television, photography and social media, Nigel has picked up skills in many areas including: 
  • Presenting – Radio, Podcasts, YouTube.
  • Audio Production – copy, talent direction, recording, editing, mixing, ProTools and Logic Pro X
  • Photography – Canon DSLR and various film cameras.
  • Photo Editing – Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Videography – Canon DSLR and Panasonic ENG cameras.
  • Video Production – copy, talent direction, filming, Final Cut Pro X, Premier Pro, and AVID.
  • Motion Graphics – design and animation, Motion 5 and After Effects.
  • Social Media Management – customer engagement and community management.
  • Online Marketing – Facebook, Google AdWords etc.
  • Web design – WordPress.
What are Nigel’s aims for the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show:
  • To raise awareness of amazing Tasmanian businesses and the people that run them.
  • To inspire people to action their ideas and take a chance on their dreams.
  • To prove to young people that you can make it in Tasmania, you don’t need to leave to be a success.
Just so you can get to know him a little more, here are some things Nigel loves:
  • Cars. He has a classic 1972 Jensen Interceptor, and a 1995 Mazda MX-5, though his dream is to own a Mazda RX-7 Series 8 and a Porsche 911.
  • Coffee. He possibly drinks too much of it. He roasts his own beans and uses a variety of methods to brew.
  • Whisky. He possibly drinks too much of that too, but does not make his own.
  • Music. Muse are his favourite modern band. He listens to them a lot. His favourite oldies are Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa.